Michelle Grlicky (Rowley)

Leader of technical teams, builder of software and communities, supporter of people

Fast Company 100 Most Creative People 2013 & Entrepreneur Magazine 7 Most Powerful Women to Watch 2014

Michelle Grlicky is a self-taught software developer and community organizer. She currently leads a global team of Customer Solutions Architects for Heroku at Salesforce.


Cultivate & Co.

Through Cultivate & Co., Michelle shared her experience with companies who know that healthy, vibrant, diverse organizational cultures lead to better products and happier people.

Code Scouts

Michelle founded and directed a nonprofit dedicated empowering women to become software developers through mentorship and community.

Hack The Planet!

"Hack the Planet!", Michelle's essay on why tech literacy is critical, was published in the book American Dreamers, an inspiring anthology of future-thinking works by contemporary visionaries.

PIE Mentor

Having graduated from the 2012 class of the The Portland Incubator Experiment, Michelle is now a Mentor. She'll have the opportunity to work with companies in future classes, providing support, encouragement and guidance.
Photo by Aaron Hockley

Portland Python Workshops

Michelle organized and ran two weekend workshops to teach women the basics of Python in 2012. This project was based on the Boston Python Workshop, created and led by Jessica McKellar, whose support and encouragement made the Portland incarnation possible.

Portland Python User Group

As the organizer of the Portland Python User Group, Michelle worked to keep the local Python community strong and vibrant. She was always looking for ways to make the community more welcoming, especially to beginners.


Michelle speaks about technology, tech culture, diversity, and the future of entrepreneurship at both public and private events. Below is a list of past talks.


Michelle believes in people. A self-taught developer and community organizer, she has been planning events since age 12 and found her crew on a High School BBS at age 14. She made her own way back to the tech world as a software developer after studing French and Geography/GIS in college.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, she has lived in the Pacific Northwest since she failed to return from a visit to Portland in 2003. Michelle currently lives in Portland, Oregon, with her wonderful and talented husband, Jason Grlicky.